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Anacs is a grading service like PCGS, NGC and PCI. Since they have no official homepage on the web, I've created this one as a kind of placeholder for them. I will put any information I can find out about them here. I do not represent Anacs nor will they stand behind anything stated here. I just copied this stuff from their literature.

If anyone has any further information let me know, and I'll put it up here.

I don't know the official rules for submitting to Anacs, so if you want to send them a coin for authentication or grading, give them a call to find out the rules for who can submit. Some of the grading services have required you to submit coins via a local representative. Although they seem to be moving away from this, I don't know the current state of Anacs with respect to this type of policy.

Anacs Guarantee

Anacs guarantees that each coin submitted to it for grading shall be graded by Anacs grading experts in accordance with Anacs grading standards, policies and procedures.

In the event the purchaser of an Anacs coin believes it has been overgraded under Anacs standards and procedures, the purchaser may submit the coin to Anacs for re-examination under a procedure which precludes the graders from being aware of the grade originally assigned.

The re-examination fee is $15.

If the re-examination grade is lower than that originally assigned by Anacs, Anacs agrees to pay to the owner of the coin the difference between fair market value of the coin at the re-examination grade and the fair market value at the grade originally assigned by Anacs. For purposes of this guarantee, the fair market value of a coin shall be established by using the most accurate pricing guide(s) as determined by Anacs for the specific issue at that time. Anacs will also refund the re-examination fee.

This guarantee shall apply only to gold and silver coins and shall not apply to (1) any coin submitted for re-examination in a damaged or unsealed coin holder or (2) clerical error as to the description or grade of the coin which would be readily noticed on inspection.

Any dispute under this Guarantee will be resolved by binding arbitration in Columbus, Ohio, pursuant to the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association.


P.O. Box 182141
Columbus OH 43218-2141

Voice: 1-800-888-1861
Fax: 1-614-791-9103

Info From their submittal form:


Anacs renders an opinion on a coin's authenticity and encapsulates authentic coins. Anacs also grades and encapsulated authentic, problem-free coins. Anacs provides many additional services to submitters. Some of these services include verifying requested attributions and varieties; authenticating and grading world coins; offering free verbal opinions at local, regional, and national coin shows; conducting educational forums on various numismatic topics; writing articles for numismatic publications.

Anacs Authenticates and Grades:

-- Regular issue, commemorative and pattern United States coinage.
-- A wide variety of foreign coins - call or write for list
-- A wide range of error and variety coins.
-- Superlative category designations will be listed where appropriate for

coins graded 60 and above (PL + DMPL AU -50 and above):
FSB Full Split Bands -- Mercury Dimes
FH Full Head -- Standing Liberty Quarters
PL Proof-Like
DMPL Deep Mirror Proof-Like
UDM Ultra Deep Mirror Proof-Like -- Morgan Dollars
5 steps Jefferson nickels
6 steps Jefferson nickels
Cameo Proof coins before 1971, SMS coins
Heavy Cameo Proof coins before 1971
Red, RB-Red/Brown, BRN-Brown -- Copper

Attribution service:

a. Verification. Anacs will verify and designate attributions supplied by you (the submitter) at no additional charge. Specific variety or die numbers must be listed by you (i.e. Breen 2815, FS-020.5, Die 3, etc.) in the variety/designation column on the submission form.

b. Research. Anacs will do all the research for you and attribute coins submitted for grading and encapsulation for an additional $4 per coin. Please refer to the Anacs Submission Center Instruction sheet for coin eligibility requirements. A separate form must be used for attribution research service. Place a check mark in the attribution box on the front of this form.

Crossover Submission Policies/Procedures - (Coins in other service's holders)

-- Follow all Submitters Responsibilities listed below.

-- Crossover submissions are inspected in the other services holder with the grade covered. When Anacs final grades are determined, these grades are compared against those that you listed on the submission form. If the minimum grade that you listed on the submission form is met or exceeded, the coin is removed from its sealed holder and encapsulated in an Anacs holder.

Fax Service:

You can now receive the grades of you coins by facsimile transmission shortly after your coins have completed the grading process. Simply check

the "Fax Service" box and list your fax number on the designated line. The cost is only $5 per order and this fee covers all special handling and telephone expenses.

Submitter's Responsibilities:

-- List your name, address, ASC number, and "ship to" address.

-- Check speed requested

-- Check service requested

-- Enter description (include desired varieties) and owner's value for each coin.

-- Place raw coins in polybags and 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" flips. Mark holders with matching submission form line item numbers. We recommend that proof coins be submitted in 2" x 2" mylar flips and then inserted in a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" flip.

-- Sign and date the form.

-- PAYMENT IN FULL IS DUE WITH THE ORDER. Make check or money order payable to Anacs. Coins will not be processed until payment is received. (See ASC Instructions for proper fee amount.)

-- Complete Excess Return Insurance Worksheet (below.)

-- Indicate on your shipping label or on the front of your package your speed of service requested. (Regular, 5-day, 2-day or 1-day Express)

-- Insure your shipment to Anacs for an appropriate amount.

Crossover Grade Disclaimer

I authorize Amos Certification Service, Inc. (Anacs) to crossover the listed coins for ANACS encapsulation at or above the listed minimum grade, and to remove qualifying coins from the sealed holders in which they are submitted. I further agree to release ANACS from its crossover grade if, when removed from the holder, a coin exhibits detracting factors which were not visible through the plastic. In that instance, ANACS is not bound to honor the crossover final grade; however, all fees for that coin will be refunded to the submitter.

Exclusions -- Anacs does not authenticate the following:

-- Panama-Pacific $50 commemorative due to insert aperture limitations. Coins larger than 40.6mm or thicker than 3.8 mm cannot be encapsulated.

-- Cob coins, counterstamped issues, certain emergency issues, some Mexican Revolutionary issues.

-- Colonials (with the exception of Fugio Cents), California fractionals, ancients, blank planchets.

-- Paper Money, tokens, medals (with the exception of the 1925 Norse American Medal).

Exclusions -- Anacs does not grade the following:

-- Non-genuine coins.

-- Coins with evidence of harsh cleaning, polishing & overdipping, artificial toning, damaged surfaces, planchet flaws, altered surfaces, PVC on the coin or damage caused by PVC, excessive major marks, or similar impairments.

-- Genuine coins with any of the above problems will be guaranteed for authenticity but will not receive a grade. These coins will be encapsulated as genuine in the ANACS Genuine Holder. The reason(s) for being excluded from grading will be identified on the holder label.

-- A complete list of our Exclusionary Categories is available on request.

There is a Return Shipping Charge and mailing insurance costs as well.



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